Saturday, December 03, 2005

Coming To A Windows Environment Near You... A Guy In A Green Skirt

I recently realized that I am in the middle of three different playthroughs of the original Legend of Zelda: one on my laptop at work (first quest), one on my GBA (second quest), and a third on my PC. The one on the PC is basically a "third quest" that's a pack-in with version 2.10 of the excellent free program, Zelda Classic. It's a stand-alone program that lets you play the 8-bit classic, and it's very true to the original, save the new, original music tracks. It also comes with a quest editing utility; from what I've seen, it gives you a lot of freedom to play with the Zelda engine. If you're into LoZ at all, or if you always wanted to design your own quest, it's worth a look. Sure, the program still has a couple of bugs ("Hey! Where'd my map go?"), but it's still pretty hot.

Did I mention it has excellent gamepad support, as well? Yeah, playing with the keyboard sucks.