Friday, July 29, 2005

The Slump and Gradius Ponderings

The biggest problem with my hobby is that, every once in a while, I kinda fall out of it for a bit. It sorta goes with any of my hobbies; the advantage is that, because of this nature, they end up cycling, and I always have something fresh to entertain me.

A recent trip revealed to me that I have to return my Messiah wireless NES controller due to a small defect. Once I get the repaired/replaced model, I'll get to work on a review. I schweah.

Today I was takng a shower and thinking about games that had one sequel in Japan and a different one in the States. Secret of Mana came to mind... we got Secret of Evermore and they got something else. Naturally, Super Mario Bros. is on the list, since we got Mario 2 and they got... um... Mario 2. Then I thought of Gradius, and how we got Life Force instead of a proper sequel (not that there was anything wrong with Life Force, and it's not like it wasn't a Gradius game... you're just in a giant snake the whole time). Then I got to thinking, "Wait, do I even own a copy of Gradius?" I wondered this for about a half-hour, then, after a quick search of my NES library, discovered that I do, indeed, own a copy of Gradius.

This led to the further question of, "When the heck did I buy this?"

The advantage of this hobby is that sometimes games are so cheap, they're forgettable. Now that's a nice surprise.