Saturday, March 15, 2008

NetHack: Second Ascension!

26 days after ascending once, I do it again. Awesome.

The screenshot is basically my points list. I had a bunch of artifacts (I used the Sceptre of Might for most of the game), a ton of gems and amulets (notice the last one, worth nothing) and a pet skeleton to add to my score.

A few of the other worthwhile items in my bag:
-A tin of Medusa meat
-A tin of Wizard of Yendor meat
-6 of the 9 rings of the Nazg├╗l
-5 wands of death
-A towel
-A t-shirt that said "Yendorian Military Soldiers Do It In Large Groups" (worn, enchanted to +4)

I was also crowned this time. Basically, all it gives you is another title to display when you ascend, escape or die.

Notable folks slain:
-The Wizard of Yendor (8 times)
-Death (thrice)
-Pestilence (twice)
-Famine (twice)
-Tiamat, the Chromatic Dragon
-Vlad the Impaler
-119 soldiers
-10 hobbits

I had a beautifully-stocked icebox for the Demigod Bar once I reached the end, and wouldn't you know I left it on the altar when I ascended. Perhaps someone will come by and enjoy all that booze and pudding I gathered.


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