Saturday, February 16, 2008

NetHack: First Ascension

After about three years of playing NetHack, I finally managed to ascend (finish the game). It is a long, arduous task, and not easy to do. I'm pretty proud of it.

Now, when I play on my laptop running Kubuntu, it dumps my last (usually unsuccessful) game to a text file named "lastgame.txt" upon exiting. However, I ascended on my Windows box, and if it dumped that info, I can't find it. Therefore, I don't have the complete record of my ascension with all the points I was awarded and everything I had on me.

Fortunately, it does save the high scores, as you can see in the above screenshot. The top score is my ascended character.

I do know that Blackjack the orcish rogue was packing the following when he ascended:
-+6 Stormbringer (artifact sword)
-+6 Grayswandir (another artifact sword)
-+5 silver saber (named Suckapunch)
-+1 Werebane (another artifact sword)
-Demonbane (another artifact sword)
-Sting (as in Frodo's weapon from Lord of the Rings)
-+5 gray dragon scale mail (super-strong and magic resistant)
-+5 gauntlets of power (Strength of 25 on a scale of 1-18)
-+5 cloak of displacement (can't hit me!)
-+4 boots of speed (super fast)
-+4 Hawaiian shirt (stylish)
-+4 ring of protection (still can't hit me)
-ring of invisibility (see above comment)
-amulet of reflection (Boing!)
-blessed greased bag of holding (reduces weight of items by 75%)
-the 3 invocation artifacts (Book of the Dead, Candelabrum of Invocation, Bell of Opening)
-Master Key of Thievery (the rogue quest artifact; makes the game a lot easier)
-the Amulet of Yendor (the point of the game; you need this to win)

I also had a fistful of other amulets and a lot of gems (for points), some potions of booze (for fun in the afterlife) and a blessed figurine of a wood nymph (for additional fun in the afterlife). I wished for an icebox at the end (to stock with the booze) but it spawned with a white dragon in it and I couldn't get the thing out.

By the end of the game, I managed to kill Famine and Pestilence three times each, and killed "Rodney" eight times (he is persistent and is not happy that you have his amulet). I took a beating but came out on top and proved it could be done.

It's the kind of awesome that you can only tell your D&D group about without sounding like a lunatic, but I feel accomplished nonetheless.


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I'm so proud. :)

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