Monday, April 25, 2005

Blue Wizard Is In Deep $#!+

Since classic gaming is one of the few topics on which I seem to have an opinion, I made the mistake of starting this accursed weblog, just like all the other tools I know. Enough of that, though--let's talk Gauntlet.

Yesterday, after a fiasco involving a Tengen Gauntlet cartridge and an FC Game Console where the very laws of physics were meaningless, we decided to set up a four-way game of Gauntlet II on the NES in the living room. Lemme tell you how more 4-player games should have been released for the NES. (Incidentally, a multi-adaptor called the Four-Play would have been equally awesome.)

After playing Gauntlet for ten minutes, I started to wonder why I never played it before. It's just a good group game. We were in the middle of a Quake III Arena-centric gamefest at the time, so players would be popping in and out, handing off controllers as they went. It was so fine.

One dumb technical flaw: After plugging 4 controllers into the NES Satellite, we discovered that the game was barely playable; the movement was excessively choppy, and the person using the NES Advantage could barely move. I switched out the controller, thinking (errantly, I might add) that the Advantage was drawing a lot of voltage or something. In reality, the problem was that somebody had pressed in the slow-motion button on the Advantage without my knowledge, causing the game to have seizures. Talk about garbageous.

So, final word on Gauntlet II: as the old Game Boy F-1 Race commercial said, "Round up your posse and check it out." Other than people pushing you into walls, it can't be beat.

Anyway, the next post will be my review of the aforementioned FC Game Console: console, controllers, and cream cheese.


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